Press Conference 10.10.2013 [x] (thanks to ichliebefutbol for the translation!)

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Real Madrid 2014/15 Home and Away Kit minimalist

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50/100 pictures of Novak Djokovic.

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We’ve made history

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{ green + blue }

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Gold star for Karim Benzema (Real Madrid vs Sevilla) | UEFA Super Cup (August 12, 2014)

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“You just have to say he has been superb.” —Sir Alex Ferguson about Cristiano Ronaldo

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Platini was accidentally trying to give Cristiano a second medal
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inspired by Kanye West’s Power

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“I feel good. This was my first official game and I wasn’t sure what would happen but I feel ok out there. The team really helped me and scoring gave me confidence. I felt comfortable, and with no pains at all. I feel good for being able to help the team win this Cup but I will continue working.”  

“The new signings did really well. I’ve already said that they are going to be very important players for us. They helped the team to win. It’s an important trophy – one which I’ve never won and have always wanted to win. I’m happy and very grateful that it was Sir Alex who presented me with my award.”

Cristiano after Real Madrid’s Supercup win against Sevilla [x]

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Interviewer: Thank you, Sir Alex, would you like to say maybe a couple of words as someone who’s seen Cristiano grow and mature as a player and a person?

Sir Alex Ferguson: Well, he made it easy for me tonight. Normally in a Cup final it’s always difficult to choose a Man of the Match -there are so many good players on the field- but Cristiano tonight made it easy for me. Thank you

[After Cristiano is interviewed by a Portuguese journalist]
Interviewer: Cristiano, as we don’t have any Portuguese translation, could you shorten your response so everybody can understand it? Summarize maybe.

Cristiano: *laughs* Is that my new job? Translator? Well, basically, he asked me about the integration of Kroos and James and I said of course they did well, they played good and that they are fantastic players. I said thank you to Sir Alex Ferguson for giving me this trophy. For me it means a lot because he was the coach who, you know, teached me many things when I was in Manchester at 18 years of age so I appreciate (that) and thank you for giving me this trophy. And the other thing, it was… he asked me what I said to Beto at the end of the game. I said I didn’t say anything special, we just spoke about something, about our private life. Beto’s a very good friend of mine and he’s a fantastic teammate, so I said I scored two goals (against him) today and I won fairly.

Interviewer:Thank you, you’re not only an outstanding player but also an outstanding translator.

Cristiano:A new job! Translator!

[Cristiano Ronaldo is given the MoM award by Sir Alex Ferguson and thinks about venturing into a new career (X)]

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HEY GUYS LOL, it’s Dianne and I finally reached 1k followers! (◡‿◡✿) My summer is almost over and I’m entering my sophmore year very soon. I’ve had this tumblr for a year now and over that time, I’ve noticed many amazing blogs. This is the first time I’m making a follow forever and idk where to start, lmao. I literally love all my followers and those that follow me because y’all have legit fucking blogs, yo. Even though I barely talk to most of you lol, I STILL SEE YA ON MY DASH and may obsess over your fab account secretly. This follow forever contains those who I enjoy seeing shit from on my dash. Btw I bolded some blogs that I really love. If I missed you, I’m sorry ok my computer is shitting on me. I’ll mail you cookies with Mats Hummels’ face on it bc who doesn’t love Mats? Anyway te amo le royals!

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